Year 4 Home Learning


By the end of Year 4, the words below should be used in your writing correctly.  How many imaginative ways can you learn your spellings?

Spelling Word Memory: Create a double set of word cards and play a game of Spelling Word Memory by spreading out the cards face down and then taking turns flipping two cards at a time to find a pair.


Spelling Puzzle: Make a home-made puzzle by writing each word in large letters on an index card and then cut each card apart.  The fun is in putting the puzzle back together!

Window Writing: All you need is special window-safe crayons to use, and Window-Writing makes learning spelling words totally crazy and so much fun! (Definitely get permission from your parents 🙂 )

Type it Out: Open up a Word document and  type the spelling words on the screen as a very helpful person calls them out.  Enlarge the font, make it a cool colour.

There are some other fun ways at

Image result for year 3 and 4 spelling word list

Be Active

Have a game of Volley ball at home with a balloon (obviously be aware of any allergies! and away from where you can break something!) 


Look after your Wellbeing

Plant one of your favourite flowers and watch it grow.  

Be Creative

Create something from recycled plastic.  

Make Memories

Use the time that we have been given to make memories.

You can download a time capsule diary at the following link:

Time capsule will provide something to look back on years after COVID-19


Art Doodles

I have started an art project that also links into your work about mindfulness.

Step 1 Create a background by using watered down poster paints and apply the paint in circles with cotton wool.

Step 2 Draw circles with a black pen. Ensure you have some circles that overlap.

Step 3 Fill the circles with doodles. Doodling will take a long time but is is relaxing. To be effective take your time and keep coming back to it over time.


Our Geography topic for the Spring term was Hampshire.

Here are some of the research and investigations that you could complete.

What towns and cities do you know in Hampshire?

Alton questions


A note to Parents:

These are the ideals for the children in Year 4:

  • A bit of reading every day (independent or reading to your child/children/ or an audiobook;
  • Some free writing now and then e.g. keeping a diary, or drawing a comic;
  • Practical hands on Maths e.g. cooking, cleaning, outside Maths or some Maths games;
  • Some art/music where possible through the week.  (This doesn’t need to be guided);
  • A project that they have designed, researched and presented to your family;
  • Imaginative free play;

And just remember you are doing enough.  You are loving your child/children and supporting them through a difficult time.  Your ‘home learning’ is to look after yourself.  Don’t forget your mental health.  If you have any queries about your child’s learning please contact us on