Year 2 Home Learning

Hello Year 2,

How has your week been?

You will have received an email with the log in details for Hampshire Schools Library ebooks.

Thank you for the pictures we have received for our class page. If you have any more photos to share, please send them to this email address:

Please remember that there are a lot of activities in the learning packs. This is so you can choose what you do and how much you do. If you would like paper copies of the learning please phone the school. You can ask for reading books as well and there is a box to return books you have finished. If you collected sheets before you can return the last red zippy wallet and collect a new one.

Happy home learning!

Mrs Hudd, Mrs Reid & Mrs Barwick

Half term pack

1. Bonds to 100                     Bonds to 100 answers

2. (gentle) Multiplication sentences using the x symbol              Multiplication sentences using the x symbol answers

2. (secure) Use arrays                 Use arrays answers

3. The 2 times-table         The 2 times-table answers

4. The 5 times-table       The 5 times-table answers

5. The 10 times-table         The-10-times-table answers

Maths reasoning challenge


Week beginning 18th May

English 18th May

Lesson Apostrophe 2

Powerpoint spelling

Powerpoint ‘or’ 1

Powerpoint or 2

Powerpoint apostrophe 1


Lesson 1                 Lesson 1 answers

Lesson 2                Lesson 2 answers

Lesson 3 ‘gentle’            Lesson 3 ‘gentle’ answers                Lesson 3 ‘secure’                 Lesson 3 ‘secure’ answers

Lesson 4             Lesson 4 answers

Lesson 5              Lesson 5 answers

Addition extra challenge      Subtraction extra challenge


Week beginning 11th May

English Week beginning May 11th

Command sentences presentation

Spelling adding ‘ed’ and ‘ing’

Adding suffixes

Maths 1             & answers

Maths 2             & answers

Maths 3             & answers

Maths 4          & answers

Lesson 5          & answers

Family-Challenge-Friday    Family Challenge Friday answers


Week beginning 4th May

4th May English

Veronica Verb

Fractions bonus challenge


Week beginning 27th April

Week beginning 27th English

Art link –

White Rose Maths link (see notes in Word Document above):

T-T-5356-Toys-from-the-Past-Video-Powerpoint.ppt Videos for the history presentation: Dolls    Jack in the Box Toy   Matchbox Cars     Rocking horse

Alternatively, you may find it easier to download the powerpoint with videos from here: (download videos as well as presentation)


Maths extension challenges

Science Presentation Food Chains 1


Happy Birthday Max – 24th April

Dear Year 2,

It was lovely talking to you last week. We have included some of your ideas into the learning. Websites that people have found useful are Twinkl, Classroom Secrets, Hamilton Trust, School Run, Carol Vorderman and BBC learning sites.

We are now signed up for the Oxford Reading Tree online books. The children will be able to read books they are familiar with. The Logon is Username: andrews1 Password: Year 2

Twinkl splits the day up as a timetable, but above the timetable on the left there is a drop down menu to choose past days and this means you can do the activities at any time. You can also choose different year groups so can give the children things they can easily get on with or provide a challenge.

Week beginning 20th April 

Week 5 English with Story Machine reading:

Fractions 1 & 2 with accompanying clips: and

Fractions 3 & 4 with accompanying clips: and

Art clip –

If you need a paper copy of this week’s learning please email the school and they will arrange for you to collect one.

Week 5 English answers

From Mrs Hudd, Mrs Reid & Mrs Barwick


Week beginning 13th April Tasks

Have you tried any coding apps or websites yet? One app recommended by others was Tynker It has several levels and settings to work on.

Are you missing having an outing to a favourite Museum or a special place you like to have a day out?

There are free online resources from the Natural History Museum here and from the Science Museum here:

You can even tour several places virtually:


Week beginning 6th April

Home learning 30th March

Year 2 Maths, RE, Geography & PE 2

Easter mindfulness colouring

We hope you have enjoyed some of the beautiful sunshine this week – even seeing the sun streaming through a window and feeling it warming us has felt like a wonderful treat.

Some of you may have tried out the Joe Wicks workout each morning – we found it exhausting the first time we tried, but slowly we’re getting used to it. Remember that Mr Maliphant has also added PE videos to our website:

I found this game and thought it would be a fun one for the weekend: Snakes and Ladders with 2, 3 and 5 Times Tables Board Game. If you can’t find any dice, you can use an online version:

Have any of you tried making rainbows of hope to put in your windows? We have enjoyed seeing some appear in our neighbours’ windows.

Home learning slides

Home learning 23rd March

Year 2 pack

Answers to little booklet