School Council

What Happens at a Meeting?

The meetings usually take place in the Conference Room upstairs in the school house.  Year 6 Councillors set the room up ready for the meeting, while Year 5 Councillors help to make sure everyone is ready.

Once the meeting starts, the Year 6 Councillors chair the meeting and write in the Minutes book so that there is a record of the things we talk about.  

Sometimes, we bring issues from our class to discuss.  We take it in turns to share the idea our class has raised, and then after a discussion, we vote on whether we think this should happen or not.  We go back to our classes at the end of the meeting to tell everyone what was decided.  

Sometimes, there is a theme for the meeting, if Mrs Lloyd or one of the teachers wants us to do something for the school.  Some of the things we have done recently:

We wrote letters to say thank you to people who had helped us get the school ready for the Tercentenary celebrations.  We wrote to the people who put the new roof on the school house, and to the people who designed the planting at the front of the school. 

We were asked by Mrs Weston, our school cook, to find out which jacket potato fillings were most popular, and to see if there were any changes to the menu we wanted to make.  We changed the ‘just cheese’ filling for the potatoes to ‘cheese and beans’ and swapped the days around.  One of the swaps was that we moved Beef Bolognaise to Wednesdays.  The changes started to happen soon after we reported back to Mrs Weston.  

Eat Them to Defeat Them – we were asked to start a campaign to encourage children to eat their vegetables.  The school sent home a chart and if you ate all your vegetables at lunch time, you got a sticker to put on your chart.  We launched this by leading an assembly all about eating our veg.  It came with Wanted Posters and a big poster for the hall.