Reading in Reception

From the very first moment our children start at Andrews’ Endowed, we want them to be immersed in a rich reading culture.  This begins with our home visits, when we take books with us when we meet our new Early Years Foundation Stage children and their families for the first time.  Story sessions are an important part of our stay and play induction afternoons and parents and carers are invited to join in the story telling at the end of each visit.

We use the Oxford Reading Tree ‘Floppy’s Phonics’ Sounds and Letters Teaching Programme to deliver our phonics teaching to our children.

You can find out more about Learning to Read with Phonics by following the links below, which will take you to the Oxford Reading Tree home support site, called Oxford Owl.

Learning to Read with Phonics:

Phonics Audio Guide – How to Say the Sounds:  There are 26 letters of the alphabet but they make 44 sounds. Use this audio guide to hear all 44 sounds, on their own and in example words.