SEN – Information for Parents

Here at Andrews’ Endowed, we are an inclusive and welcoming school. Right from our first meeting with a child, we are working as a team to ensure a smooth start to school life.

We are committed to making the curriculum accessible to all pupils whatever their needs. We aim to identify these needs as early as possible. We believe learning is a partnership between school and home so we will gather information through discussions with parents, staff, and getting to know the child. Once we have a clear picture of their needs, we have a wide range of resources in school we can use to help your child make progress and overcome their difficulties.

The wellbeing of our children is very important to us. Because we are a relatively small school, our children are well known to the staff.

I have put together a list of useful websites with a description of what they can offer! I will keep updating it over the next few weeks.

Mrs Harris

Speech and Language resources

At school we use the Speech links programme. They are now offering access to parents. It has some brilliant speech and language resources, as well as advice and tips for parents working at home with their children. There are some listening games to play as well. The Level 4 driving game was really good fun! 


Learn to touch type

BBC Bitesize offers a fun way to learn how to use a keyboard. There are exercises to help you learn where the letters are and Gary the goat is hilarious!!  


Inspiration for creative writing

This is a great resource as it offers an interesting photo for every day of the year!! You could either check out the photo for that day or search for one you that inspires you.  Underneath each photo are some interesting ideas to help your imagination!  


A story a day!

The children’s author Oliver Jeffers offers a ‘stay at home story time ‘every day. My favourite is ‘This Moose belongs to me.’ He reads the books from his sofa and in this one he has a few problems with his tripod!


Learn British Sign Language

If you would like to sign up for a course, this website is offering free access at the moment to under 18s and £10 for key workers. Once you express an interest, you join a virtual queue. I had a long wait but it gives an estimated time when you will get to the front of the queue.