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School Clubs

We try to provide the children with lots of opportunities to develop their skills and interests, and as part of this, school staff run a wide variety of clubs for the children both during the school day and after school.  We do not charge for the activities we run, although we might occasionally need to ask for a donation towards equipment or resources.  

Not all clubs run for the duration of the year, but over the course of this year we aim to offer:

Card Making, Chess, Coding, Dance, Drama, Gardening, Handbells, Make-a-Difference, Origami, Science, Sketching and a Family Reading Club.

Alongside the school run clubs, we also provide a Football Club run by Pompey in the Community on Thursdays after school and a Multisports Club run by CM Sports on Fridays after school.  More information is available in the school office.  

At lunchtimes, we employ sports coaches from CM Sports to provide the children with a variety of multisports opportunities as an alternative to attending lunch time clubs.

To see a copy of the current clubs schedule, please ask at the school office.  Most clubs operate a waiting list, and if already full, we will let your child know as soon as there is space for them.  

Our children clearly enjoy the opportunities to participate in our clubs.  One of our Y4 pupils announced when we released this year’s offer, “I’m so excited about the new clubs list.  I’m going to run out of signing up slips because I want to do them all!”

Children from ‘Make a Difference’ Club serve a Cream Tea they have made to thank the kitchen staff for their hard work.