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We are committed to encouraging safe and healthy journeys to school, and to helping to reduce traffic congestion in Holybourne caused by the school run.

We have worked with parents, children, local residents and Hampshire County Council to develop our School Travel Plan.

Our Crossing Patrol Officer, Mrs Margaret Franklin, is on duty from 8.30 to 9.00 am and from 3.15 to 3.45 pm. 

Parents, carers and children are encouraged to reduce car use wherever possible by:

ยท         Cycling (cycle helmets must be worn)
ยท         Scooting
ยท         Walking
ยท         Park and walk - driving partway, then walking or scooting
ยท         Car sharing
ยท         Participating in schemes such as 'Walk to School' week

Pupils understand that walking, cycling and scooting are good choices which contribute to a healthier lifestyle.  We encourage families to walk, cycle or scoot wherever possible, as these activities increase children's awareness of their local area and enable them to arrive at school alert and ready to learn.

Our pupils are regularly reminded about road safety.  Year 6 pupils all learn cycle safety through the Bikeability scheme, a mix of classroom based and practical training which leads to pupils gaining a certificate in cycling proficiency. 

We annually recruit a small group of Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs) who attend a County conference on Road Safety and then cascade their knowledge to the rest of the children through leading assemblies, mounting poster campaigns and other activities. 

Parents and carers are expected to park safely and considerately, paying heed to the rules of the road and with due consideration to local residents.  Parents who block driveways, park on zigzags or street corners or who inhibit the day to day activities of those who live near the school endanger the lives of pedestrians and cause damage to the good reputation of the school.

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