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Lunches are cooked on site in our school kitchen, by staff from Hampshire County Council Catering Services (HC3S).  Our cook is Mrs Angela Weston.  She is assisted by Mrs Pauline Cowdry. 

Under the Government's Universal Free Infant School Meal scheme, every child in Key Stage 1 (Acorns, Year 1 and Year 2) is entitled to a free school meal every day. 

For children in Key Stage 2, the cost of a school meal is currently £2.00 per day.  Lunches can be paid for in advance, which is preferable, or on the day the meal is taken, but all accounts must be kept up to date.  You can choose to pay in cash (in an envelope marked with your child’s name, sent via the classroom), or online.  To find out more, please ask at the school office.  Free school meals for children in Key Stage 2 are available to those families receiving certain benefits.  The school office can help you find out whether you are eligible, or you can find out more by following the link above and going to the 'Free Meals' section of the site. 

All lunches are cooked to order.  There are always two choices available, a meat and a non-meat option. Children make their choices in the morning during registration, and it is helpful for us if you have already discussed with your child what they would like to have for lunch that day.  Class teachers remind the children what the choices on the menu are for that day, and the child chooses 'Red' (the meat option) or 'Blue' (the non-meat option). We send home menus twice a year, or they can be accessed via the link above.  Each morning, once the registers have been taken, Mrs White in the office lets the cook know the numbers for each of the two meal options. 

Your child may bring a packed lunch to school if you would prefer.  Packed lunches must provide a healthy, balanced meal.  There should be no crisps, sweets or chocolate.  Please provide juice or water, as well as some fresh fruit.  Please note that we do not allow fizzy drinks.  If you are providing a yoghurt or any other food that needs cutlery, please remember to include this in the lunchbox!

Whether they are having school lunch or a packed lunch, we encourage children to eat as much of their food as possible.  For those having packed lunch, we send home any uneaten food in the lunchbox, so that you can keep an eye on what your child has eaten.  This also cuts down on waste.

Our lunch supervisors are always on hand to help children with cutting food, to encourage them to drink plenty of water and to try to finish their food.  Staff will let the child’s teacher know if a child is not managing to eat their lunch, or if there is any other problem.  The teacher will then let you know, so that we can work together to help your child.

You can help us by encouraging your child to eat well; by helping him or her to learn good table manners, including how to use cutlery; and by letting us know if you or your child have any questions or worries about lunches.

Lunchtime is always a busy and sociable time.  Each member of the lunch staff team knows the children and their individual needs very well, and our catering staff are great at ensuring that everyone gets to eat what they like to eat!

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