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“Meeting the educational needs of the Gifted & Talented is about building on good general school provision, not about providing something entirely different”. (Deborah Eyre)


Defining the term “able” is a complex process.  Experts debate the use of such words as ‘gifted’, ‘talented’ or ‘very able’.  Generally speaking, some 2% of the population is considered to be “exceptionally able or gifted”.  A further 8% are considered to be “very able”.  Our school recognises, in line with DfE guidelines, that "Gifted and Talented pupils are those pupils who achieve or have the ability to achieve, at a level significantly in advance of the average for their year group."  Our school normally expects to identify between 5 and 10 per cent of pupils as Gifted, Very Able and Talented (GV&T). Definitions of Gifted & Talented must be flexible – they mean different things in different schools.  There is no typical ‘Gifted & Talented’ child.

Please follow this link to our leaflet about meeting the needs of gifted, talented and very able children. 

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