Behaviour Print

"The behaviour of pupils is good.  Pupils are polite, courteous and welcoming to visitors.  Pupils take pride in their work, their appearance and the school in general.  They conduct themselves well around the school."  Ofsted 2016

At our school, we aim to create a caring and supportive learning environment with an ethos firmly embedded in Christian values.

Our behaviour policy focuses on giving children positive praise, and lots of it, whenever they are spotted doing the right thing at the right time.  This includes the use of stickers and other instant rewards.

We award stickers and house points for good behaviour, good work, trying hard, helping around the school, helping friends, helping adults in school, being polite to children and to adults.

Children in Years 1 to 6 can earn a range of certificates based on the number of house points they have received. A Bronze certificate is awarded for 25, Silver for 50 and Gold for 75.  100 house points is rewarded with a Bronze Badge, 125 with a Silver Badge, and 150 with a Gold Badge.  A special gold Cross is awarded to anyone achieving 200 house points in a year. 

Children like to show their work to other adults and children in the building.  We also  make copies of good work for children to take home to share with their families.

Each week, teachers nominate two pupils from each class to receive the Headteacher‚Äôs award. These are for a whole range of achievements in the classroom and around school. It can be for outstanding effort in one particular subject or part of school life, or for all round good work, attitude and behaviour that week. They are awarded their certificate during our weekly ‚ÄėCelebration‚Äô Worship.

The vast majority of our children work hard and behave well. However, there may be times when a child finds it difficult to follow the school’s rules. When this happens, our sanctions are applied consistently and fairly, to help the child manage their behaviour appropriately.  We also work with the child's family where appropriate to help and support the child in this process. 

We are proud of the fact that visitors to our school often comment on how beautifully behaved our children are, and our classes are regularly complimented for their behaviour when out and about by members of the public and staff at the venues we visit. 

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