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 At Andrews’ Endowed, we offer access to child care both before and after school, in the form of our Breakfast Club (Early Birds) and our Afterschool Club (Rainbow Friends).  The two Clubs are managed by Mrs Bev Pither. 


Our clubs operate in term time only.  Breakfast club runs from Monday to Friday, whilst Afterschool club runs from Monday to Thursday.  Afterschool club does not run on the very last day of term, when we break up for our Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays. 


The clubs are open to all pupils at the school, from YR (Acorns) up to Y6.  There are a maximum of 24 places at each club.  We keep our numbers at 24 both to ensure that the children receive the best support and attention from the adults on duty, and to comply with the limitations of the space available, particularly after school, when the hall is not always available until late in the session. 

To book a session with either club, your child must be registered with us.  Please visit our section in the Letters area of the website for a copy of our Registration Form, which should be printed off and filled in, and then handed in at the school office.  Please note that being registered does not guarantee a place at the club.  We currently operate a waiting list for both clubs.

Once your child is registered, sessions can be booked on a regular, or on an ad-hoc basis, subject to availability.  All bookings are organised by Mrs Christine White in the school office.  Bookings for Breakfast Club must be made at least 24 hours in advance and cannot be made on the day. 


Breakfast - Early Birds Club

‚ÄėEarly Birds‚Äô runs every morning, Monday to Friday.¬† Sessions start at 7.30 am, and end at 8.45 am, when the children head to their classrooms to begin their school day.


Early Birds club is based in the school hall.  Parents and carers must bring their child right through to the door of the club each morning, where there will be an adult on hand to meet your child and help you to sign them in.  Any messages for class teachers can be left with us by filling in one of our communication forms.  Please remember that cars must be left on the street, not driven into the school carpark in the mornings.

Children can arrive at any time between 7.30 and 8.30 am, although breakfast is usually served at around 7.50 am. 


Each session costs £5.  A healthy breakfast of fresh fruit, juice, cereals, toast or other baked goods is served, and the children enjoy choosing from a variety of activities including active sporty sessions, art and craft, games and singing and dancing.


There are always two members of staff at Early Birds. 


 After School - Rainbow Friends Club

‚ÄėRainbow Friends‚Äô operates from 3.30 pm to 5.15 pm Monday to Thursday only.¬† On Mondays and Tuesdays, the club is led by Mrs Sarah Reading.¬† On Wednesdays and Thursdays, the club is led by Mrs Debbie Wiesinger.¬† There will always be at least two members of staff on duty.¬†

Sessions cost £7.50 per night, and are payable in advance or on the night in the case of casual bookings.   The cost of a session includes a substantial snack.  On Thursdays we offer a reduced rate of £4.50 for those pupils attending our paid Sports clubs. 


Rainbow Friends is based in the School House.  This building is distinctly different from the main school, and has a much more cosy, homely feel, which is intended to help the children to distinguish between the end of their school day and the start of their after school experience.  The club has the use of two rooms in the School House:

The Library, where registration takes place at the start of a session, and where we gather when parents and carers come to collect.  


The Conference Room, where we gather for our tea and for indoor games and craft activities.


The club also has access to the ICT Suite, playground, outdoor classroom, allotment areas, adventure playground, field and the hall once other clubs have finished at 4.30 pm. 

Parents and carers arriving to collect their children should report to the School House front door and use the door knocker.  If no one answers, please use the mobile phone number to attract our attention, as we may be at the other end of the site!


Further information about our Breakfast and Afterschool Clubs is contained in our Leaflet, which can be found in the After School Club folder under the Letters tab on this website.


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