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Andrews' Endowed Primary School has a proud tradition of successful fund-raising carried out by the hard work of Parents who form the Parents & Teachers & Friends Association.

These volunteers over the years have devoted much of their spare time to raise funds for the school through a series of fun activities and events that have involved the whole village community.  Enormous amounts have been raised thanks to the support from parents, families, teachers and friends of the school. In recent years, the PTFA have managed to purchase the following:

Tablet computers for use in the classrooms

Our Outdoor Classroom - complete with electrical power and picnic bench seating for a whole class - the classroom provides a beautiful place for outdoor learning during the day and a quiet shady place for play at lunchtimes

Projectors and Whiteboards for all classrooms

Books for our Year 6 Leavers

Plants, materials and manpower for our annual Groundforce event

The PTFA AGM usually takes place in the Autumn term, so if you wish to take an active part in the school and help provide those 'extras' for your children, then please come along to the AGM and join the committee.

The 2015/16 Committee:


Clair Pattenden

Vice Chair

Emma Coles


Alison Tait


Melissa Bird


Maria Lloyd

Staff Representatives

Sarah Reading



Sharon Boudville

Jennie Bull

Claire Burston

Annie Dale

Julie Dorey

Annette Eyre

Jess Field

Deborah Forster

Gail Holt


Belinda Harrison

Loyce Marecha

Maria Osgood

Suzanne Payne

Kate Rawlings

Emma Robertson

Jess Smith

Jenny Sutton

Debbie Weisinger

Gail Williams

Louise Wilson

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