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Andrews' Endowed School is a Church of England Primary School for children from four to eleven years old.

The original school was founded and endowed under the will of Thomas Andrews in 1719.  Thomas Andrews was a local benefactor, who left money in his will for a school to be founded for 'the poor children' of Holybourne and the surrounding villages.  The original 18th Century schoolhouse is still in use, housing administrative offices, group rooms and our lovely library.  Behind the school house the building has been modified and extended several times as the school roll has expanded.  We have recently completed a major building project, replacing two temporary classrooms with superb new accommodation for our younger pupils, and enabling us to refurbish three further classrooms. 

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The School was granted Aided status under the 1944 Education Act. This means that it is owned by the Diocese but is given financial and educational support by Hampshire Education Authority. This enables it to function within the Local Education Authority while remaining faithful to its original Church of England foundation. The school's foundation is celebrated each year with a service in the Church of the Holy Rood at Holybourne, when our pupils lay posies at the tomb of Thomas Andrews.

We pride ourselves on being a village school, a church school, and a family school.  We are committed to retaining and maintaining the intimate, family-centred ethos of a village school whilst providing a curriculum and learning environment which meets the needs of a 21st Century education.

We invite you to come and join our family of learners.

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