Year 4 Remote Learning

Welcome to Year 4!

On this web page you will find details of the arrangements for any Home Learning to mirror our in-class learning, should any child be stuck at home because of quarantine requirements.

We heartily thank parents and carers for their support with remote learning – it really does make a difference to your child’s progress!   Mrs Wiesinger and Mrs Hudd.

Here are some instructions of how you can login and use google classroom with your school google account (The one you use on the Chromebooks at school).


Home Learning when in Isolation

 Unfortunately, because of the current COVID situation, there may be times during the school year when children need to isolate at home (because they or a family member have symptoms) or when the school needs to send children home because of an outbreak.  At Andrews’, we recognise that by far the best place for children to be is in school. However, should the need arise, we are also committed to ensuring that there is as little disruption as possible to their learning by providing easily accessible, structured home learning. 

As with weekly homework, Google Classroom will provide the means for children to upload their learning for marking.  We recognise that learning at home is not the same as being in school, as well as other demands on parents’ time, and so, where possible, we have sought to support home learning using resources such as Oak National Academy and White Rose maths, as these offer short videos and related structured tasks to support the children’s independence.  The Home Learning tab for Year 4 on White Rose clearly shows the current week’s learning. 

Links to White Rose Maths and Oak National Academy Websites

A typical weekly timetable for home learning in isolation has been included below, although we naturally understand that in a Covid situation, this may not always be possible.  The timetable shows the relevant Oak National Academy units that cover material similar to that which we are covering in school this half term, so that home learning can commence from the first day away from school. We thank parents for their support in doing whatever seems achievable under the relevant circumstances – it really does make a difference!

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Home Learning Ideas

Additional ideas have been included below.






By the end of Year 4, the words below should be used in your writing correctly.  How many imaginative ways can you learn your spellings?

Spelling Word Memory: Create a double set of word cards and play a game of Spelling Word Memory by spreading out the cards face down and then taking turns flipping two cards at a time to find a pair.


Spelling Puzzle: Make a home-made puzzle by writing each word in large letters on an index card and then cut each card apart.  The fun is in putting the puzzle back together!

Window Writing: All you need is special window-safe crayons to use, and Window-Writing makes learning spelling words totally crazy and so much fun! (Definitely get permission from your parents 🙂 )

Type it Out: Open up a Word document and  type the spelling words on the screen as a very helpful person calls them out.  Enlarge the font, make it a cool colour.

There are some other fun ways at

Image result for year 3 and 4 spelling word list