Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 at Andrews’ Endowed and welcome to the future leaders of the World.  During this year, we believe in learning through doing, developing a strong growth mindset which focuses on the courage to participate, challenge and explore further whilst working hard to reach our potential. We believe strongly that we are able to build the foundations of life skills that will make an impact for our future.  The World is important to us; so are the communities that we belong in.  We try hard to pass kindness on and to think about how we could help others.  Our teachers are Mrs Gundry and Mr Biggs and our teaching assistant is Mrs Wiesinger. 

Y4 Curriculum Overview Spring 2020

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In Year 4 we:  

Create – we combine ideas and our learning to make new ideas, we imagine how we can change the world, we invent pieces of writing that takes us on different adventures, we perform our interpretations, we collect together information to achieve a more-rounded bigger picture.  We are creators. 

Evaluate – we recommend books for others to read, we rate our effort levels in our learning as we strive for  Growth Mindset, we value each other’s opinions during philosophical questions, we decide on action that we want to take to help build our relationships with others.  We are evaluators.

Analyse – we produce high quality pieces of art after investigating artists, we complete our own research to develop our understanding and answer the questions we form, we engage in thoughtful discussions, we choose the most efficient strategy to complete a problem.  We are analysers.

Understand – we reorder our thoughts linked to our rich reading texts, we articulate our thoughts on personal and social issues, we associate our learning with curiosity and questions, we extend a hand of friendship within our community.  We are understanders.

Remember – we recollect memories from the past during our historical investigations, we remind ourselves that we are part of a global community, we identify where we can make a change.  We are rememberers.  

I love Andrews’ Endowed, I also love my teachers because they have given me the gift of education.

Year 4 have been focusing on self-portraits over the last half term. We have now applied our
understanding in creating portraits that challenged perspective by making funny faces. 

We have been trying to achieve similar results to Francis Bacon. We analysed one of his portraits and were able to explain how his abstract approach allowed the personality of the person to be amplified. 

The children were involved in designing their classrooms.  The use of learning zones was very important to the children.  they thought carefully about what they wanted in each zone.  Some of the children even made display items for particular zones.

Our Classroom

Reading is very important to us. We have a wide range of books that we have access to. We try and challenge ourselves with our reading.


Our Class Charter

Our Prayer Area

Our Prayer Tree

Growth Mindset

The children have been working hard to develop their volley ball skills.  Throughout this half term they have progressed from using balloons to using balls.  If you have a balloon at home, you could also practise the volley ball moves.  

We understand how important our Wellbeing is.  We have completed Forest School sessions and have started to create a Wellbeing garden.  We thought carefully about the designs, which involved thinking about the plants that we wanted to grow.  We particularly focused on plants that had a medicinal purpose. 

Our Curriculum

The Topics that we will be learning about this year have been included.  The knowledge organiser for each topic has also been included.  The knowledge organisers include information that the children need to work to remember.