Year 2


Welcome to Year 2!

Year 2 is an exciting time in which our learners complete their Key Stage 1 experience and get ready for the Juniors. Our curriculum, environment and learning activities are designed to help learners make this transition successfully.

In Year 2 we strive to make all children feel safe, secure and confident both in their learning and in their school life. We want our children to leave Year 2 feeling independent, motivated and having high expectations. We aim to achieve this through a curriculum that includes challenge, variety and fun.

Our teachers are Mrs Vincent and Mrs Hudd and our teaching assistant in the mornings is Miss Corlett.

Welcome to Year 2 Letter 2021

Year 2 2021-22 year overview



In Year 2 we are:

Resilient – Year 2 don’t give up even when learning is hard. We like to be challenged and get absorbed in our learning.

Resourceful – We try to find things out for ourselves using the resources around us and link what we have already learnt to help us learn new things. We ask great questions and explore the answers.

Reflective – We are reflective and think carefully about our learning using everyday experiences to help us. We can review and edit to improve our learning. We enjoy talking about the progress we are making and learn from our mistakes.

Respectful – We can work independently but we are also good team players and good listeners. We can put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and can show empathy. We like to congratulate others on their ideas and achievements.

Our Curriculum


Day One

Day Two

Day two. Weight 39g

Day Three

Day three – 40g

Day Four

Day four – 44g

Day Five

Day five – 48g

Day Six

Day six – 57g

Day Seven

Day Seven – 65g

Day Eight

Day eight – 67g

Day Nine

Day Nine - 76g


Below you will find details of Weekly Homework Expectations, and the arrangements for setting and submitting homework.

We heartily thank parents and carers for their support with homework – it really does make a difference to your child’s progress!

Weekly Homework expectations in Year  2:


A spelling list is sent home each week. Please practise these at least three times (or as often as necessary) before they are tested in school on a Wednesday.


Children should aim to read for at least 10 minutes daily – an ideal wind-down activity before sleep and quality time spent with Parents and Carers! Please complete the reading diary each time they read, with the title of the book and the page they have reached.

English and Maths

English and Maths homework is set on alternate weeks and will be sent home in paper form. This can then be uploaded on Google Classroom as a photo.


Home Learning