Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Our teacher is Miss Mills and our teaching assistants are Mrs Reading, Miss O’Brien, Mrs O’Neill and Mrs Driscoll. 

What have my friends been up to? 

This is what Year 1 have been up to at home. Can you spot your learning?


Visit to Stansted Park House

Can you spot the difference between the old household objects and things you have at home?






We dressed up and acted in the different roles in the household.  







Marble art pictures of the Great Fire of London

Year 1 have been using marbles in Art to create pictures of the Great Fire of London. First, they placed some black paper into an empty tray, and then they squirted red, orange and yellow paint onto the paper. Next, they placed 5 marbles into the tray and had to shake the tray to move the marbles. Finally, they added houses. They were very impressed with the outcome.


In History, Year 1 were given the challenge to redesign London after the Great Fire in 1666. They carefully thought about what needed to change and why. Here are some examples: