Welcome to the Acorns page at Andrews’ Endowed. Mrs Ryan is our new teacher from Easter 2020 and we are really looking forward to getting to know her.

Mrs Ryan

Mrs Ryan

Acorns Teacher

Monday 4th May 2020

Dear Acorns and Parents

I thought I would send you a letter to introduce myself as your new teacher in Acorns class. These are certainly not usual circumstances as I would have much rather liked to meet you in person.

I am Mrs. Anelda Ryan and I live in Bordon with my two children. I have been teaching at a school in Woking for the past 4 years also in the Reception class. I am originally from South Africa, where I was born and raised. I taught in a few schools there and then I also lived in Lagos, Nigeria for a while and was teaching there. I have now settled in the UK and we have been living here for the past 8 years. I enjoy reading, swimming and walking or hiking in beautiful places. My favourite place I have ever visited is Grindelwald in Switzerland.

I hope that you are all safe, well and making some special memories with your family in these strange times. I will be putting some fun activities and learning onto the school’s website for you all to do at home. These are to assist you and by no means to put pressure on you. I am sure you are all used to your new routine of staying at home, so do these activities if and when they suit you as a family.

I am excited to meet you all when the time comes! Until then take care and stay safe.

Kind regards

Mrs. Ryan

Acorns have been cooking and taste testing. 12/3/20

We made Greek inspired flat breads in the morning and after lunch we tried them with a variety of hummus. We tried ‘yellow’ onion hummus, ‘orange’ roasted red pepper hummus and ‘purple’ beetroot hummus.

We rated them out of 5 to see which was the best. Everyone like different flavours best, but onion hummus was the overall favourite.


Acorns Fine Motor Skills March 2020

Acorns have been using pinching, rolling and scrunching movements to practice their fine motor skills. They pinched individual lentils, rolled pasta and scrunched and twirled tissue paper. They used their skills to move and manipulate the resources to create a unique picture.

Acorns Superhero Dress Up Day 2020

Acorns came to school to celebrate the end of our superhero topic dressed as their favourite superheroes. Everyone looked fantastic throughout the day and especially during their class assembly.

Acorns Weekly Timetables – Autumn Term 1

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Acorns Weekly Newsletters – Autumn Term 1

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  • Wk 6 Newsletter
  • Wk 5 Newsletter
  • Wk 4 Newsletter
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Basic Skills Curriculum Evening Slides